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Department of Physical Education & Sports


  1. To create interest in students towards Sport.
  2. To motivate students to participate in various Sports tournament.
  3. To give scope to the sports abilities of students.
  4. To guide the students to select his / her game by his / her own physical abilities.
  5. To organize special coaching sessions to develop skills of sports.
  6. To organize Inter collegiate tournament of various sports at zone & central zone university level.
  7. To provide facilities to those students who participates in various sports tournaments.
  8. To develop & maintain sports grounds & courts of various games.
  9. To make the students aware about the changed rules & regulations of various sports.
  10. To honour and felicitate students for their achievements.
  11. To promote the spirit of certain qualities like sportsmanship, team spirit, patience, co operation and those other qualities of character and citizenship.


All the information, guidance, sports development & players facilities etc are provided by the sports advisory board for the players development in the college

Sports Advisory Board is as follows –

1 Dr. R. S. Funne Chairman
2 Mr. Ankush A. Solanke Secretary
3 Dr. Bharat T. Nirwal Member
4 Dr. S. G. Rathod Member
5 Dr. Shital Gaikwad Member


Name of the Department : Physical Education
Year of establishment 1998 (General)
Names of Programs / Courses offered : UG (B. A. General, B.Com, and B. Sc. General)
Name of Interdisciplinary courses and the departments / units involved : None
Annual/Semester/Choice Based Credit System (program wise) : Semester and CBCS .
Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments : None
Courses in collaboration with other universities, industries, foreign institutions, etc. : None
Details of courses / programs discontinued (if any) with reasons : None

Number of teaching posts

Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, area of specialization, experience and research under guidance

Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. of Years of Experience Photo
Mr. Ankush A. Solanke MA.,M.P. Ed., M. Phil Director of Physical Education & Sports Volleyball , Kabadi, Athletics and Badminton 20 Years -

PUBLICATION 2015-16 TO 2019-2020

Sr.No. Title of the paper with page Nos Journal name # with ISBN/ISSN No Whether Journal is notified by UGC? # Impact Factor, if any
1 Sport injuries AIIRJ ISSN- 2349-638x Yes 4.574
2 कब्बडी खेळाचा उदय व विकास एक अभ्यास विद्यावार्ता ISSN 2319-9318 Yes 5.131
3 Financial Management in Physical Education & Sports Vidyawarta ISSN 2319-9318 Yes 5.131
4 महात्मा गांधीजींचे तात्वीक विचार Current Global Reviewer ISSN 2319-8648 Yes 7.139
5 Impact of Sports on Environment Olympics Down the Ages – 2020 ISSN 2349-68x Yes 5.707
6 Skill Development through Physical Education for Youth Think India ISSN 0971-1260

Orientation / Refresher Course/ ISTE - AICTE Sponsored STTP/SBP attended

Name of the Course/ Summer School Place Duration Sponsoring Agency
Orientation Course UGC – ASC, Aurangabad 10/10/2007 to 06/11/2007 UGC
Refresher Course Physical Education & Sports UGC – ASC, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra 09/03/2015 to 28/03/2015 UGC
Refresher Course UGC – HRDC, Amravati 25/02/019 to 19/03/2019 UGC
Refresher Course Physical Education & Sports UGC – HRDC, Saurashtra University, Gujrat 03/06/2019 to 15/06/2019 UGC

Appointments on Different Events as Manager/Coach/Umpire/Selector etc.
Appointment as a Team Manager:-

1. M.s. University Udaypur City Rajashthan, Yogasana 2004
2. Tirunnavelli University Tamilnadu (Kho-Kho)
3. Pant Nagar Agiculture University, Uttarakhan, Cross Country- 2010
4. M.D. University Rohtak. Hariyana, Cross Country - 2011
5. Kalyani University Kolkatta, West bangal, Athletics - 2013
6. Rajasthan University, Rajasthan Hand-ball - 2014
7. West-Zone Kho-kho accommodation committee Nutan mahavidhyalay Selu 2018
8. West-Zone Tournament Team Manager Shikar University, Seth Motilal PG college Jhun Jhuna (Rajasthan)

Appointment as a Selector(SRTMU Nanded IUT/Ashwamedh):-

  1. I.C.T Volly-ball Competition organized by Sushiladevi Mahavidyalaya, Latur
  2. Cross-Country Tournament Organised by DSM College Parbhani.
  3. I.C.T. Hocky Tournament, Organised by “Adarsha College, Hingoli.
  4. Soft-ball Tournament, Organised by S.R.T.M. university, Nanded.
  5. Soft-ball Tournament, Organised by Shri. Shivaji College Parbhani.
  6. Athletics Tournament Organised by S.R.T.M. university, Nanded.
  7. Basket-ball Tournament, Organised by M.G. College, Ahamadpur.
  8. Criket Tournament, Organised Dayanand College, Latur.
  9. Taekwondo Tournament organized by Gramin arts’ Comm. Science college Vasant nagar Kotgual

‘C’ & ‘D’ Zone Appointment as a Selector/Official :-

  1. ‘D’ Zone Tournament Athletices (Men / Women ) Team Manager SRTMU Nanded. 2018
  2. ‘D’ Zone Tournament Volley-boll (Men) Organized by Late Nitin Mahavidhyalay Pathri –
  3. ‘D’ Zone Tournament Badminton Coach (Men) Organized by Shivaji College Parbhani. 2018
  4. ‘D’Zone Tournament ‘Cross-Country’ Official Inter-college Sharda college Parbhani 2017
  5. ‘D’Zone Athletics (Women) Inter-Zonal Tournament Team Manager SRTMU Nanded – 2017
  6. ‘D’Zone Volley-ball (Men/Women) Tournament at held ACS College Gangakhed Official Chairman - 2019

Organization of Tournaments/ competition (Organized by Nitin College Pathri)

  1. Ball-badminton
  2. Kabbadi & Volley-ball (‘C’ Zone) 2011-12
  3. Kabbadi & Volley-ball (‘C’ Zone) 2013-14
  4. Kabbadi & Volley –ball (‘C’ Zone) 2016-17
  5. Volley – ball (Men) ‘C’ Zone Coaching Camp 2017
  6. Kho-Kho (Men/Women) Tournament 2017-18
  7. Kabbadi Coaching Camp SRTMU Nanded (IUT) – 2017-18

Other Highlights –

  1. JCS at Ramesh Warpudkar College, Sonpeth
  2. JCS at K.K.M. College Manwat.
  3. JCS at Nutan College Selu.
  4. JCS at shivaji College, Parbhani.
  5. JCS at Saw. Kamaltai Jamkar Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Pabhani.
  6. JCS at Santa Janabai College, Gangakhed.
  7. JCS at Shada College, Parbhani.
  8. JCS at Shivaji Engineering College , Parbhani.
  9. CS at Late Nitin Arts & Sci.College Pathri. 2014-17
  10. ACS at Late Nitin Arts & Sci.College Pathri – 2017-18

B.p.ed. Practical Examiner (Internal/External)

  1. DSM College parbhani.
  2. Yashwant College, Nanded.
  3. DSM College Parbhani.


Outdoor Games

  1. Kabaddi
  2. Kho-Kho
  3. Volley ball
  4. Athletics

Indoor Games

  1. Yogasana
  2. Chess
  3. Weight Lifting
  4. Karate

SWOC analysis of the department and future plans:

Strength :

In addition to the formal methods, the greatest strength of the department has been the teacher-student intimate relationship that has kept the department alive. The students are obedient to their learning and they are skilled in different games and sports.

Weakness :

The socio-cultural background of the students, many of whom are first generation learners from poor and backward families, is a major drawback for the development of the department. The poverty of the students often leads to their malnutrition and poses hindrance in their physical development, which is a must for pursuing a career with Physical Education.

Opportunities :

However, the learners are always made aware of the wide scope for their future life and profession, Through sports and personality development.

Challenges :

To make the College secure a better position in Marathwada Region the General Degree Colleges, especially in the field of Games and Sports.

Future Plans :

To make a suitable play ground for all kinds of sports events.
To make a Gymnasium.
To introduce infrastructure for indoor games and sports.
To organise in larger number Inter College Athletic Meets and Other Sports Tournaments in the College.


  1. Special coaching for physical fitness.
  2. Extra sports coaching for sports.
  3. Well Sports Coaching
  4. Giving Information about importance of sports, services & future purposes sportsmanship & Physical Education for various.


  1. Play Ground Facility.
  2. T.A. & D.A. facility for Sports Tournament Players.
  3. Suitable Sports Kit for players.
  4. Various Sports Equipments.
  5. Indoor game facilities.
  6. Outdoor game sports facilities.
  7. Experts Guidance.
  8. Good record maintenance of the sport department

(Theoretical & Practical)

Period 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Remark
Time 06.00-07.00 07.00-08.30 10.00-01.00 03.30-04.30 05.00-05.45 05.45-06.30
Mon Practice Practice Disciplin & Departmental Work Sports Theory Practice Practice
Tue Practice Practice Disciplin & Departmental Work Sports Theory Practice Practice
Wed Practice Practice Disciplin & Departmental Work Sports Theory Practice Practice
Thu Practice Practice Disciplin & Departmental Work Sports Theory Practice Practice
Fri Practice Practice Disciplin & Departmental Work Sports Theory Practice Practice
Sat Practice Practice Disciplin & Departmental Work Sports Theory Practice Practice

Head of the Department


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