• To impart the knowledge of Physical science to the students.
  • To make the students aware of natural Phenomenon and environment.
  • To prepare students to confidently pursue higher education.
  • To improve research activity through Avishkar and Projects


  • To create interest among the student in PHYSICS.
  • To prepare the students for higher education and research aptitude.
  • To provide the student with the latest technologies and learning aids.
  • To organize conference and seminar in the future.
  • To arrange more and guest lectures in the department.
  • TO enrich the reservoir of e-content
  • TO encourage the student for wall bulletins, seminars and group discussions.


Assistant Professor: Dr Hari G. Kale (M.Sc. Ph.D.)
Mobile:- 9175391919



Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Date of Joining
1 Dr. Hari G Kale M.Sc. Ph.D. Assistant Professor 28/04/2016
2 Mr. Ansari Billal M.Sc. CHB -
3 Mr. Lingayat R.P. B.A.G.D.C.and A Lab. Assistant 05/09/2009
4 Mr. Chavan S.S. B.A. Lab. Attendant 16/06/2012


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  1. 1. Attended a Workshop & State Level Seminar on “RECENT ADVANCES IN GRADUATE & POST GRADUATE MATHEMATICS & EFFECTIVE TEACHING” held at Dept. of Mathematics Maulana Azad College, Aurangabad. From 28-30 August 2003.
  2. 2. Attended a Workshop on “VERTUAL OBSERVATORY AND DATA ANALYSIS” held at Dept. of Physics in R.G. Bagadiya Arts, S.B. Lakhotia Commerce & R. Bezonji Science College Jalna. From 29-30 August 2007.
  3. 3. Attended National conference on “MATERIAL SCIENCE” held at Dept. of Physics in Milliya arts, science & Mgmt. sci. college, Beed, From 23-24 December 2014.
  4. 4. Attended National Seminar on “Analytical Chemistry Teacher and Researchers Association” held at Dept. of Chemistry Maulana Azad College, Aurangabad. 8 Janaury 2017.
  5. 5. Attended National Workshop on “Research and Innovative Practices in Higher Education” held at dept. of Education in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, sub-campus, Osmanabad. 30th January 2017.
  6. 6. Attended State level workshop on “Higher Education in Maharashtra and Marathawada” held in Nutun Mahavidhyalaya Selu. 17 Feb. 2018.
  7. 7. Attended 102 Orientation Program of HRDC at R.D.V.V. University Jabalpur (MP) held in 16.07.2018 to 11.08.2018.
  8. 8. Attended National Seminar on “Quest for Quality in Higher Education” held at Shri Shivaji College, Parbhani. 21 Sept. 2018.
  9. 9. Attended Workshop on “New NAAC Accreditation Methodology for HEIs” at Swami Ramanand Tirth Marathwada University, Nanded. Held from 5th to 7th Feb 2019.
  10. 10. Attended university level workshop on “Revised Syllabus (CBCS) of B.Sc. F.Y. Physics” held At KKM College Manwath. 13 july 2019.
  11. 11. Attended National level Seminar on “Academic and Administrative Audit” held at Shri Shivaji College, Parbhani. 30 Sept. 2019
  12. 12. Attended workshop on “ICT Enablement in Educational institutions for Betterment of Academic delivery and statutory adherence” held at Aurangabad. 17 Dec. 2019.
  13. 13. Attended Refresher course in “Disaster Management” held at Dr. B.A.M.U. Aurangabad from 01/01/02020 to 13/01/2020.
  14. 14. Attended workshop on “NAAC Revised Accreditation Framework” held at Late. Nitin Arts and Science College, Pathri. 29 Feb 2020
  15. .
  16. 15. Attended Refresher course in PHYSICS held at GJUS&T Hisar Haryana from 14.10.2020 to 27.10.2020.
  17. 16. Attended E-conference on “Gender Equity in Higher Education” organised by IQAC Late. Nitin Mahavidyalaya Pathri held on 5th Feb 2021.
  18. 17. Attended E-conference on “Use of ICT in teaching learning: Opportunities and Challanges held on 24th Feb 2021 at Vidarbha Mahavidyalaya ,Buldhana


Acad.yr Class Male Female Total
2015-16 B SC FY 13 8 21
B SC SY 7 5 12
B SC TY 7 6 13
2016-17 B SC FY 14 9 23
B SC SY 12 7 19
B SC TY 10 5 15
2017-18 B SC FY 11 3 14
B SC SY 5 5 10
B SC TY 10 6 16
2018-19 B SC FY 4 13 17
B SC SY 1 5 6
B SC TY 6 2 8
2019-20 B SC FY 6 2 8
B SC SY 9 6 15
B SC TY 8 2 10
2020-21 B SC FY 4 3 7
B SC SY 5 1 6
B SC TY 3 7 10


Name of the Course / Summer School Place Duration Sponsoring Agency
UGC Sponsored Orientation Course HRDC RDVV Jabalpur (MP) 16/07/2018 to 11/08/2018 UGC
UGC Sponsored Refresher Course HRDC Br.B.A.M.U. Aurangabad. 01/01/2020 to 13/01/2020 UGC
UGC Sponsored Refresher Course HRDC GJUS & T Hisar, Haryana 14/10/2020 to 27/10/2020 UGC

Seminar by B.Sc.T.Y. Student through ICT

Study tour of B.Sc. Physics student at Department of Physics, Hyderabad Central University.

Study tour of B.Sc. Physics student at Sahyadari Agro Plant, Nashik

COVID-19 Awareness program: Dr. Shinde as a Guest

Science Day Celebration 2017: Dr. Santosh Rankhamb as a Guest

Price distribution of Online Science Quiz Exam on the Occasion of Science Day 2018

Price distribution of Science Quiz Exam on the Occasion on Science Day 2019

Poster presentation on the occasion of science day 2019

Online Teaching during COVID Pandemic (Lockdown)




Sr.No. Name of Student Degree / Qualification
1 Supriya Zinjan B.Ed.
2 Mahadik Bibhishan Dattatrya B.Ed.
3 Ansari Sana Kausar B.Ed.
4 Gaikwad Meghana B.Ed.
5 Chavan Sachin B.Ed.
6 Kumavat Sachin MBA