1. 1) To impart the knowledge of Chemical science to the students.
  2. 2) To make the students aware of natural resources and environment.
  3. 3) To prepare students to confidently pursue higher education.
  4. 4) To improve research activity through Avishkar and Projects.

Scope and Importance

Scope and Application of Chemistry are the buildings blocks of life. They are present in us, all around us. Human beings and animals are made of chemicals; cooling food is all about chemistry, the drugs that prevent and treat illnesses are made of chemicals and even the sun that enables life on earth is made of chemicals. Life would not exist without chemistry. Without chemicals the living being, ultimately the earth will not be in its existence. Career scope after chemistry numerous public and private sector organizations recruit Graduates and post graduates in chemistry. Various job profiles available for graduates in chemistry are listed below.

  • Analytical chemist
  • Teacher
  • Lab Chemist
  • Research & Development Manager
  • R & D Director
  • Chemical Engineering Associate
  • Biomedical Chemist
  • Industrial Research Scientist
  • Materials Technologist
  • Quality Controller
  • Production Officer
  • Safety Health and Environment Specialist
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Agrochemical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Toiletry Industry
  • Plastics Industry
  • Textile Industries
  • Educational Institutes
  • Independent Laboratories
  • Environmental Law
  • Patent Law Firms
  • Space Exploration Agencies
  • Forensic Science Department
  • Ceramics Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Military Systems Department.
  • Head of Department

    Assistant Professor: Ranjit A Gayake
    Education : M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) NET(AIR 3), GATE, Ph.D.*
    Mobile :- 9823559982
    Year of Establishment:- 2009

    Faculty Profile

    Sr.No. Name Qualification Designation Date of Joining
    1 Mr. Ranjit Gayake M.Sc. NET, GATE Assistant Professor 28/04/2016
    2 Mr. Arun Virkar M.Sc. NET CHB -
    3 Mr. Lingayat Ramesh B.A. Lab Assistant 05/09/2009
    4 Mr. Santosh Rodge B.A. Lab Attendant 16/06/2012


    Mr. Gayake R.A.

    Sr.No. Name Of Course Time and Date University Grade
    1 Orientation Course 21/11/2018 to 18/12/2018 Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra A
    2 Refresher Course 28/09/2020 to 11/10/2020 Gujarat University, Ahmedabad A

    Research Publication

    Mr. Gayake R.A.

    Sr.No. Seminar/ Conference/ Journal Name of Topic
    1 State Level Seminar “On Role of Environmental Chemistry in our Life” Renewable energy sources: It’s need for Developing India
    2 State Level Work Shop on “Newest Development in Chemical S Sciences for Civilized Society” Methane Sulohonic acid catalyzed an ecofriendly synthesis of Schiff bases bearing benzene sulfonamide pharamacophore using glycerol.
    3 The south Asian Academic Research Chronicle ISSN 2454-1109 “The use of social Networking sites and its impact on Academic Performance of Students in College.”
    4 The south Asian Academic Research Chronicle ISSN 2454-1109. Vol 2.8 August 2015 Disadvantages of Excessive use of PPT in classroom Teaching.
    5 Journal of Medicinal chemistry and Drug Discovery ISSN 2347-9027, 8 January 2017 “Use of technology in Today’s education System: A short view”
    6 National Work shop on Research and Innovative Practices in Higher Education ISSN 2349 638X , 30th Jan 2017 “Need of Information and communication technology in Higher Education in India”
    7 Quarterly Research Journal Related to Higher Education For All Subject “ Water Pollution in India: Its Causes and Controlling Strategy”
    8 The international Journal of Analytical and Experimental Modal Analysis “ Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 3,4-Dihydropyrimidin-s(1H)-ones Derivatives Using SnO2 Nanoparticle in PEG water solution”
    9 Chronicle of Humanities and cultural Studies ISSN: 2454-5503 “Women Empowerment as a Representative of Panchyat raj after 73rd Constitutional Amendment”
    10 Proceeding of NAAC Sponsored National Seminar on “AQAR, IIQA & SSR Preparation” 2021 Ethical Values in Education.

    Student’s Strength

    Year B.Sc.F.Y. Total B.Sc.S.Y. Total B.Sc.T.Y. Total
    Male Female Male Female Male Female
    2015-16 40 63 103 18 33 51 12 15 27
    2016-17 54 38 92 24 45 69 21 29 50
    2017-18 44 42 86 12 15 27 15 37 52
    2018-19 51 54 105 06 19 25 18 10 28
    2019-20 26 27 53 18 46 64 06 21 27
    2020-21 13 16 29 21 16 37 18 43 61

    Courses Offered (With intake Capacity)

    Sr.No. Name of Course Duration Intake Capacity
    1 B.Sc. 3 Years 120

    Admission / Eligibility criteria / Procedure

    B.Sc. Chemistry as Optional Subject (Three Year Course with VI Semesters)
    Eligibility: A candidate who has passed 10+2 or equivalent course.

    Laboratory facilities

    1) The department is well equipped with basic equipment and Infrastructural facilities required for chemistry.

    2) The list of instrument:-

    Sr.No. Particular Quantity
    1 PH Meter 01
    2 Digital Potentiometer 01
    3 Colorimeter 02
    4 Magnetic Stirrer 02
    5 Heating Mental 01
    6 Digital Conductivity Meter 01
    7 Kips Apparatus 01
    8 Hot Plate Round 01
    9 Digital Balance 01
    10 Refrigerator 01

    Syllabus of Chemistry

    Sr.No. Class Link
    1 B.Sc.F.Y.
    2 B.Sc.S.Y.
    3 BSc.T.Y.

    Future Plans of the Department

  • To Organize Placement Camps for B.Sc. Chemistry in our Campus.
  • To Organize National/International Conference, Seminars, Workshop.
  • To provide skill Development Workshops to enhance employability of Students.
  • To start Organic Chemistry.
  • Teaching Methods and Aids

    ICT facility, PPTs, YouTube channel (

    Avishkar Participation

    Student of B.Sc.T.Y. Chemistry participate in AVISHKAR 2019 at S.G.B. College Purna

    Poster Presentation by B.Sc.S.Y. Students on the Occasion of Science Day

    Guest Lecture

    Guest Lecture of Mr. Khiste S.A. to B.Sc.T.Y. Class

    Guest Lecture Delivered by Mr. Ranjit Gayake at ASC College, Majalgaon

    Guest Lecture Delivered by Mr. Ranjit Gayake at Shriram Pratisthan Selu

    Seminar by B.Sc.T.Y. Student through ICT

    Study Tour

    Study tour of B.SC. Chemistry student at Department of Chemistry, Hyderabad Central University.

    Study tour of B.SC. Chemistry student at Sahyadari Agro Plant, Nashik

    COVID-19 Awareness program: Dr. Shinde as a Guest

    Science Day Celebration

    Science Day Celebration 2017: Dr. Santosh Rankhamb as a Guest

    Price distribution of Science Quiz Exam on the Occasion on Science Day 2018

    Price distribution of Online Science Quiz Exam on the Occasion of Science Day 2019

    Online Teaching during Lockdown.

    Fair Well Program

    Teacher Training Program on ICT

    Convocation Program at College

    Attained 1st National Teacher Congress At Pune.

    Career Katta

    Alumni List

    Sr.No. Name of Student Degree / Qualification
    1 Panzade Ramesh M.Sc. Chemistry
    2 Raner Pooja M.Sc. Chemistry
    3 Ghumbre Avinash Balasaheb M.Sc. Chemistry
    4 Lingayat Shivkanya M.Sc. Chemistry
    5 Komal Bhokare M.Sc. Chemistry
    6 Joyti Gawali M.Sc. Chemistry
    7 Monika Solanke M.Sc. Chemistry
    8 Shaikh Majeed ICICI Bank Assistant
    9 Waghmare Mahesh DMLT
    10 Kumavat Sachin MBA
    11 Asnari Samreen Begum DMLT
    12 Done Sonali IT office Assistant
    13 Baheti Radhika Fashion Design
    14 Supriya Zinjan B.Ed.
    15 Mahadik Bibhishan Dattatrya B.Ed.
    16 Ansari Sana Kausar B.Ed.
    17 Gaikwad Meghana B.Ed.
    18 Chavan Sachin B.Ed.